Leaving the East Coast on another lap around the block!

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In our home town before leaving we stopped off at ” Greenmount Beach ” and did the ritual of filling up a jar of sand from a East Coast beach to take it on our travels and find a West Coast beach to tip it out on!

After a bit fun at the beach we headed north and made it to a BP roadhouse at Caboolture, the last of four roadhouses we had stopped at, in an attempt to fill our water tank.Out of all four roadhouses not one of them had water available.

Stopped off at ” The Ettamogah Pub” for a look around,worth the visit this place is full of character!
We pushed on up the road but was held up on the hwy as a bloke in a car up ahead decided to have a moment causing problems for passing traffic,the traffic was blocked heading north, while they arrested him & took him away!

 Next stop for us was ” The Big Pineapple ” so many people have visited this place in the past and allot of people probably have some good memories of this place ,so it was sad to see it still closed down and let go! No climbing up to the top of the pineapple but we had a quick look around!
holidayroad@y7mail.comLeaving the East Coast on another lap around the block!

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