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One of the many murals found at Alpha.

After our troubles with parking at Sapphire we pulled into Alpha quite late and to finish the day off our youngest had come down with a 24 hour bug so on our way to Alpha we had to pull up on the side of the road and clear out and clean up the front part of the bus as he had spewed up on everything including maps and all. Once we finally made it to Alpha we did a lap of the town and ended up parking at the Lions Park opposite a small Caltex, no toilet in the park,even though we do have one in our bus we don’t use it for number two,so we walked a couple of kids into town,had to laugh as we found a toilet across the road from us the next day. We celebrated Nadeines 10th birthday with a cake and then all called it a night.

The next day we all walked into town and looked at the towns murals scattered throughout the place! They started the murals back in 1990 after a devastating flood in the area,they were painted to lift the spirits of the towns people after the big clean up. The idea came from two local artists who decided to brighten up the town with painting a mural on the Cultural Groups Workshop, after the business people liked what they had seen the idea was born. Now the town is called the town of murals with twenty six of them scattered throughout the town.

We stayed on another night in the same place,and had quite a few truckies parked beside us, most of them sleep in the motel across the road,checking on things around the bus Pete saw a bloke creeping through the bushes with a jerry can,just a reminder to lock your fuel tank.

The next day we walked down to the river and was nearly chased by a bull so we ended up not making it all the way down there he didn’t seem real happy about sharing his paddock with us. Looked at a few more murals and found a park for the kids.On returning to the bus we had a council dude their waiting for us,he was just informing us that we could move across the road to the truck stop as we were parked in a no camping area,yet again we managed to camp in the wrong place again. The truck stop in Alpha is just across from the showgrounds it has a toilet with cold showers only,water and a dump point,plenty of room but be careful in the wet as I would say it gets muddy.

We left Alpha and headed for Jericho,arrived just before dark and camped at the showgrounds,it’s drive in and help yourself to where you want to park there doesn’t seem to be a caretaker and this would have to be the first time a honesty box is in place for campers,the cost is $15 a night with power and water.


We are getting too lazy to pull the car in and out when we don’t really need to, so we walked into Jericho. We would have to say it is one laid back town,we are hoping the place doesn’t change too much with the opening of the mines and a influx of people to the area.We stopped at the Jericho store and talked to the people of the shop and a local lady who has been there all her life.The owners of the store had only been there for the last six months and experienced the floods back at Christmas two weeks after starting in the shop the water had reached up to the front steps.Jericho is also a town with murals and a sculpture called Crystal Trumpeters showing it’s history of the town,also right in main street is the smallest operating drive-in theatre in the southern hemisphere,next showing is the 20th August.After the town we ventured down to the Jordan River, nice spot for camping.We met up with a few other campers who were getting a fire ready for the night.

Our last day we spent at the showgrounds looking around the grounds,the kids pulled out the metal detector but only found bottle tops!Well except for Maddy who found a one cent coin. Apparently  it’s been sometime since there was anything ever held there.

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