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As this was our second time here we only had a short stop over!
The trip from Jericho to Barcaldine we did from late in the afternoon. We should have learnt from last time here that there’s always allot of Roo’s around this area.On the first stretch we spotted on the road a echidna and yes it was alive,the only ones we have seen near the road have been dead,we missed him  but hit our first roo in six years on the road poor fellow,then also had a car nearly lose it after he cleaned up a roo while over taking us,the roo he hit was flung into our bus and dented a side panel.

A side street of Barcaldine.

Got to Barcaldine at dark and stopped in the main street for a look at The Tree of Knowledge of a night time while it’s all lit up!The last time we saw this tree was back ‘2006’ while it was still alive.It’s a shame to see it dead but they sure have done a great job of using the skeleton of this tree ,preserving it and turning it into a 18 metre high memorial which is made from recycled timber which recreates the tree canopy size of what it was like in it’s prime during the Great Shearer’s Strike,looks great at night!

The Tree of Knowledge.

We stayed over night at the showgrounds there’s no caretaker on site so we were told by other campers just drive in and pick a site and in the morning they collect payment,you are looking at paying $25 a night with power ,water and clean amenities.

The next day we drove the bus into town stopped off at the big windmill which is near the info centre and had quick look around the town,then left for Ilfracombe.


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