“Ilfracombe ” Queenslands Outback!

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We loved this little town,for a small place there’s lot’s to see!Our trip from Barcaldine was good,starting to see more emu’s and sad to say a few dead one’s on the road.We did the usual thing and drove around the town first before working out where to park.Our camp spot for the night ended up being near the Ilfracombe train station,a nice open field with no one to bother.

The next day we looked at the Machinery mile which stretches for more than 1klm along the highway and also a old Folk museum full of memorabilia from the past of Ilfracombe. Well worth the stop for a look,there’s no charge but a donation box and everything donated goes back into museum.Across the road you’ll find ” Hilton’s Corner” a shed and yard filled with thousands of interesting collections,we spent a bit of time in this place amazed at what has been collected.Across from Hilton’s Corner is a artesian spa a bit cold for us this time round  but it looked like a great place to cool off in the warmer months.Missed out on going through the Langenbaker House but had a look from the outside,apparently it was one of the first homes in Ilfracombe and inside furniture and all hasn’t been moved since 1920.

“The Great Machinery Mile”

So that was our second time through Ilfracombe,this time round we enjoyed it more as we stopped and took our time and weren’t sweltering like last time through.

holidayroad@y7mail.com“Ilfracombe ” Queenslands Outback!

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