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Twenty seven klms is all we did once we left Ilfracombe to get to Longreach,not far compared to the distances we are use to travelling, it sure felt as if we’d done a days driving though.As we hadn’t stayed at Longreach long last time round we couldn’t really remember much about it, well except the Qantas Museum.We found a place near town and this time got the car out!

The view from Starlight’s Lookout.

Next day we took a trip out to StarLights Lookout a recommended 4WD track so it was a pretty rough 45klm in our Hi-ace it really did seem to take longer so we were starting to think we had taken the wrong road or someone took the sign down, but we finally made it! We did a whole lap around the lookout! then pulled up,you can camp there and they do get tours out this way to watch the sunset from the top of the  lookout.It’s a bit of a climb to the top but nothing too hard ,well worth it though.Once up the top the kids had a blast playing in and around the rock formations they also became constructive and made a HR sign out of rock up on top! Once your on top of the lookout you end up with panoramic views, you can see why Captain starlight the bushranger who the lookout was named after, used it to look out for anyone coming as he drove the stolen cattle to South Australia, you are able to see for miles.

A Bustard!

Allot of wildlife out this way so it made for a interesting trip back!
Another place we drove out to was Lily Lagoon just out of Longreach it’s a great place to catch a look at some wildlife including birds normally confined to coastal areas.No Lily’s while we were there but plenty of bird life including a whole lot of Bustards,kind of funny but awkward now when the little kids go yelling out the name of these birds.

While out that way we stopped off at the Thomson River,cool camp spot by the river in the Apex Park but pretty jam packed with travelers but in saying that we are in the busiest time of year with so many people on holidays from down the colder parts.


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