” Winton ” and The Dinosaur Drive.

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We left Longreach on a Tuesday arvo after a quick stock up of the cupboards, fuel stop for the bus,jerry cans and gas bottles, as no doubt shops will become few and far between.
We drove straight through to Winton but did stop to enjoy the sunset,we ended up pulling up at the truck stop near the BP for the night can’t go wrong parking near cattle trucks they make more noise than us!

Next day we went straight to the showgrounds as we had heard from  a bloke we met at Longreach say it was open for travellers.No luck with the showgrounds as there was a camp draft on,so we found a place right in town opposite the Tatt’s Hotel, 28 dollars a night and no extra charge for kids and pets allowed.

Something we wanted to see last time round was Lark Quarry but missed out! So this time we made sure we did and headed out there.There’s a self guided tour drive called The Dinosaur Drive,you set your odometre to zero at the town grid and then follow your map for points of interest along the way to the dino footprints it’s a 110kms from Winton. I’m hopeless when it comes to reading maps so it always makes for an interesting trip taking a wrong turn and discovering something else, I’m slowly getting better though.

Out at Lark Quarry ( Dino prints ) there’s the Spinifex Walk which takes you around the surrounding Jump-Up country,top Views! To see the actual footprints there’s a guided tour taking place at 10am,12noon or 2pm ,the tour guide explains what the surrounding area was like back then and how the footprints came about and also the discovery of them by Glen Seymour who came from a near by homestead who was out there looking for opal but discovered a fossilised footprint instead.The footprints from the stampede are amazing really worth the trip out there. We also learnt a thing or two and on the walk the kids were happy to be finding fossilised wood and air bubbles something the guide had showed them earlier to look out for on the track.

The trip back we stopped off at Ironstone Ridge.Of an early morning or later in the afternoon the sun reflecting on the ironstone pebbles creates a image of silver on the ground,this is where Tyrrheanna found a fossil we are thinking plant kind.Further on up the road we turned off to look at a Jump-up basically a Jump-up is the term used to describe a steep escarpment road leading to hard top rock always a great view from up the top!

As it got late all the wildlife hangs out near or on the road,one sight that really surprised the kids was seeing a wild pig eating dead roo.The area has no fences near the road just cattle grids so it was a bugger of a trip back so many cows and sheep.

Lark Quarry Dinosaur Footprints
holidayroad@y7mail.com” Winton ” and The Dinosaur Drive.

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