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Bladensburg Homestead.
The Wool shed.

Like last time with Lark Quarry we set the odometer at the towns grid but this time turned off at Bladensburg National Park.The first point of interest for us was the Bladensburg homestead a large sheep station and one of the original stations in the Winton district.You are free to roam around and look in all the original buildings. Have a look for the carpet python hanging around, he isn’t in the land of the living anymore though.

Ruins of the shearers House.

Just back down the road is the wool shed, built back in the 1960’s not as old as the original which was burnt down after the managers son was smoking.The kids had a blast turning the overhead shearing machines and exploring the shed they wanted to slide down the race into the pen where the sheep were sent once shorn but out of bounds as the yards they say are contaminated with arsenic.Just down the track is the originally area where the shearers lived not much left but a old stove.

The next point of interest for us on the map was Engine Hole a horse shoe shaped waterhole with white gums along the banks also once the site of brick manufacturing.We didn’t swim there but the kids did attempt to build a raft to try and make it to the other side they gave up when one fell in.

 Engine Hole.

Further up the road is “Skull Hole”  the site was once the seen of a massacre of aborigines in retaliation for the murder of a teamster.There’s allot of little caves and it’s steep with crumbly edges but no water flowing during the dry  two waterholes were filled with water and looked quite deep.We went for a walk up the dry creek bed but stopped when it became too bushy.In one of the caves Tyrrheanna  found quite a large brown snake skin,even though we are aware they are around and carry a bandage it still puts the fear back in you when your in the middle of nowhere.

Skull Hole.

Top crossing was next it’s where you drive over the solid rock bottom of Surprise Creek,there’s also a few nice camp spots around, And still plenty of water in the creek.
Just further along the road you’ll notice a grave,the bloke buried here is Richard Cragg he was one of the earlier pioneers and worked as a mail contractor who died in 1888 from suspected poisoning only 46.

Richard Cragg’s Grave.

That was the end of the River Gum Route for us the sun was going down and we still had a rough road back but we did manage to fit a slide down a Mesa it had a nice sandy edge so it was cool fun!

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