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Logan Falls.

 Before we reached Opalton we stopped off on the way at Logan Falls a rocky gorge about 20 metres deep,glad we stopped well worth a look there’s no water flowing but plenty of caves.We all climbed up into one cave not too steep but you need to watch your step unless you don’t mind falling into the green looking water hole below, surprised there was any water as it’s pretty dry out there. In the cave there were tunnels that seemed to lead in all directions,a couple of the kids wanted to venture up into them but not the best idea when you couldn’t see so they settled for taking some photos of in the tunnels with the zoom and flash on,but didn’t spot anything in there,sort of glad otherwise we would have made for a quick exit out!

The drive to Opalton is probably about a little over 126km out of Winton on some rough road in some parts.It was once a bustling town with up to 600 miners but now isn’t home to that many,all that remains of the town are sign posts stating what once stood there,some broken glass and a few metal pieces laying around.

Water became a problem back in it’s day and had to be carted 24 km this and the fall in the price of opals led to to the field being abandoned.There is though the Opalton outpost,but no fuel available and minimal supplies and only for in a emergency so you need to make sure you take enough supplies of your own.A grim reminder is a the grave of a bloke who perished near by back in 1982 it states on the plaque always carry enough water and matches and don’t leave your vehicle.On the way out there we didn’t  pass any cars and for most of the day we hadn’t seen no one, we began to wonder if anyone really lived out there,But they do! as we went for a drive around the shacks set up around the outpost we saw a dude wave hello!

As we still had a current fossickers permit from Sapphire we had a look for some opal in some of the designated fossicking areas,Peter and Brock were the first ones to spot some opal which gave the urge for the others to look harder they didn’t find anything fantastic but enough to keep them happy!

The trip back to Winton just on dark was another trip dodging wildlife and realising that with these long days of driving in the van and coming back in the dark we really need to get some spotlights! to see a bit better. The last look at something for the day was the old Bronco Branding panel with the old holding yard but only part of it still standing

The next morning just as we were about to go somewhere we found the van with a flat , caused by wire this time, kind of happy it didn’t happen out there!

Bronco Branding Panel.

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