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This is just briefly our experience from the last few days at Winton on our trek to Boulia.We had a blast at Winton from the day we arrived,a highlight was managing to make it to the open air theatres showing at The Royal among other things like the The Age of Dinosaurs and not to forget a local lady we bumped into in the back streets who was was nice enough to show us the building of the original Qantas meeting room.She also made it clear to us that Qantas was conceived in Clonclurry,drawn up in Winton and got going in Longreach,just a bit of history for you.

George our tour guide.

Arno’s Wall another touristy thing is a interesting piece of artwork that stretches 70 metres, with bits & pieces of all sorts of items stuck in it! allot of bits originally come from businesses from around Winton.Another place where the kids let out some energy was the Musical Fence.It’s a wire fence that can be played as a musical instrument ,you grab a stick and have a whirl!We also did the self-guided tour of the towns historic cemetery and found the children and wife of a Mr Cragg who had died from poisoning and who’s grave we previously saw a few days before miles out of Winton near the Bladensburg National Park.
For our stay in Winton we were parked opposite the Tatts Hotel & paid $28 a night for all of us with power & water the water isn’t the most desirable but it’s water, it’s the real stinky bore water that smells like rotten eggs,we got use to it pretty quick though,it tastes better cooled down in the fridge before drinking it!

Arno’s Wall.

Our last day was spent looking around the  town & a meal out at the Tatts ,something we don’t normally do but enjoyed and would have to say their meals are great! a bonus was meeting up with the crew from The Age of Dinosaur,we enjoyed a talk with  them and realised why we felt we had seen the young tour guy George, we previously had the day before, he was once part of Beauty and the Geek TV show, George the Dino dude! This guys needs to be a actor he has so much charisma.

After dinner it was back to packing up the bus ready for the morning,we now make sure the car is back in and tied down before the day of leaving just makes life a little easy, instead of rushing to be gone at a decent hour ,though it seems the longer you stay in a place the more you pull out!

Springvale Historical Railway Line.

The next day was Min Min Light Way for us,Oh man that’s one skinny road in some parts.Our first stop was the Springvale Historical Railway Site,not much there but an old bridge and a bit of a track,it was once the site where plans had started for the first construction of a transcontinental railway from Bourke to Camooweal.

Old Railway Bridge.

The first day we made it to Middleton and camped opposite the pub and all of the next day was spent with  Val and Lester owners of the pub. There’s a earlier post called “Middleton and the Min Min Light Hotel site” which follows on from here.

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