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Another late start to getting on the road,we spent most of the day exploring the old Min Min Hotel site.When we finally got going we didn’t make it too far down the road as we came to a halt to miss a big goanna that laid sprawled out in the middle of the road, we were pulled up so we thought we may as well go for a look at him.He laid flat on the ground as if he were dead then all of a sudden jumped up and started walking not really impressed with us all standing around staring I suppose,we followed him for a while,then just stood there and watched him walk off.

We had one last break before Boulia at¬†The Hamilton Hotel site a rest area 80km east of Boulia this was where Kiana tried to catch a native rat that was near our bus and got bitten.Arrived in Boulia on dark so too late to go driving in the caravan park so we found a spot opposite the towns pool,and parked there and without no one hassling us.The next day we parked up in the Boulia caravan park by the Burke River.We didn’t bother with pulling the car out while there,so we spent the next few days walking everywhere.

Waddi Tree, Boulia.

In the time we spent at Boulia we saw the Min Min light encounter show which¬†explains about the mysterious light and in a pretty cool way,the kids thought the best part was the rotating room at the end.After the show we then walked around the block and visited The Stone House Museum a house built in 1888 by a James Edward a local store keeper.One part of the house the kids found interesting was the underground room out the back of the house where the women would take their babies in the hot summer days to cool down ,a few snakes live down there now though.Behind the Stone House is also the fossil Museum mostly marine types,you’ll also see Dick Suter the man behind it all and he is more than happy to explain to you all about his display, plus out the very back of the yard is a display of old cars,trucks etc and memorabilia from yesteryear. Just remember if you do both attractions it’s discounted when buying tickets from the info centre.We didn’t mind Boulia and it’s people,found it to be a real laid back little town the only problem we had was the plague of native rats through the area.In the short time we were there they chewed on our shoes,computer cords and the list goes on,this all happened while our big dog was guarding the door and little Bruno was doing laps of the bus all night.We didn’t stay on for the whole three days we’d plan to as we thought we’d get out while the going was good. On the way out of Boulia the next day we stopped at the Waddi Tree the last known corroboree tree of the Pitta Pitta people.

The Variety Bush Bashers.

The drive to Dajarra was a good one with a roadside gathering with The Variety Bush Bashers on their celebration road trip toward Boulia after raising money for kids.They pulled up in their decorated cars and a party bus equiped with a bar inside and everyone dressed up to party! they critterfied us and for a moment took over our bus,what cool bunch of people.

The museum at Dajarra.

Got to Dajarra while daylight and camped near the old train station with power for $5 a night had to hunt someone down the next day to pay it, nearly everyone was out of town for the Isa Rodeo. We also checked out the museum across from the hotel,it’s open 24 hours and everday of the week the bloke that owns everything passed away and it’s now kepted open by locals.Also met and got talking to the owners of Dajarra hotel Shelly & Rhino great couple and a good place to stop for a drink or a meal there.

Dajarra,part of the original railway station.
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