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After leaving Dajarra we made a quick stop off on the side of the road at a large mound of rocks,the rock formations around this area are really cool so the kids wanted to stop and climb around a few, Top view also!
We made it to Mt Isa just on dark and it was busy,The Xstrata Rodeo was on so people from all over Australia were in town,no chance of getting into any parks or any use in trying so we headed straight to the Shell Roadhouse and parked out the back we stayed there for about 5 days, as we were waiting on mail .The roadhouse wasn’t too worried as we bought plenty of fuel off them and kepted out of the way of the truckies, the only downside was the bull dust I think we had a bus load of it by the time we left.In town was packed with travellers and all the clubs of the town had designated an area for buses, vans etc to camp while the Rodeo is on.

A old foot path at Mary Kathleen.

Last time in Isa we just drove through so this time we had a bit more of a look around,the outer skirts are nice. We took a trip out to Mary Kathleen Ruins now a rest area East of Isa and before Cloncurry.It was once a busy little town for the workers of the near by Uranium mine.Allot of concrete slabs and some marked with what they once were.It was here where the kids found a Travelling Bears cairn with inside a book signed by other travelers and a map of the town.Kinda of funny as we didn’t realise it stood for a group of travellers that don’t mind going nude! While out there we met up with friends on FB who we’d never met,they were camped out there for a few days so it was nice to finally put a face to someone you meet through FB.We were thinking of packing the car back in and taking the bus out to Mary Kathleen as you could get a bus out there with maybe just a bit of a mission across one of the bridges but we had a change of mind and we hung at the roadhouse,next time for us.

What’s left of the ANZ Bank Mary Kathleen.
The underground hospital.

While in Isa we visited the old world 2 underground hospital and Beth Anderson Museum,though it was never used as a working hospital, but all ready for the onset of war.The nurses from the main hospital did use the beds as a sleeping quarters,nice and cool for them down there but once the threat of war was over it was left and forgotten about for half a century.In the museum there’s quite a collection of medical equipment from years ago including a human skeleton minus it’s head a person who donated there body to science.The two ladies running the tour looked after us on price and gave the kids a few packets of lollies for being so well behaved, they also sat down with us and told us a few yarns about Isa, you find the locals always have interesting stories to tell.

The underground hospital.

After the underground hospital we took Kiana to the real hospital for a look at her infected finger from a rat bite when at Boulia,even though we waited for quite a few hours to see someone still quite happy that they fitted us in,a course of antibiotics fixed it! and hopefully turned her off trying to catch another rat again.
Before leaving for the next stretch we stocked up on groceries again,pretty funny when the kids actually get excited about seeing a supermarket again,not too much in the way of shops where we have been.

The towns lookout at sunset.

The lookout was the last thing we did in Isa before leaving it offers a 360 degree panoramic view of the city and mine,and also of the Rodeo that was on!

 The day we left we only made it as far as the first big rest area out of Isa and it was packed to the hilt ,we had a shocking time parking the bus we made one stupid move with turning it around and then got stuck! It was that sinking feeling when you think how the hell are we going to get out of here! Glad it was dark as I’m sure we would have had a audience of onlookers having a bit of a laugh.

The next day we met a bloke and his dog travelling with a horse and cart heading for Camooweal he was aiming to make it in time there for the Camooweal Drovers Camp Festival.After a bit of chat to him we left for Camooweal and celebrated Brock’s birthday along the way.We didn’t stay at Camooweal like originally planned only stopped to fill up with water and fuel the generator,then drove on to the border.The last time at the border we broke down & the time before we camped right there but this time it didn’t feel the same,the grid has gone! so there’s no rumbling of tyres as you cross over anymore a bit of a anti climax! We still pulled up and did the normal tourist thing and took a few border photos.

The NT /QLD Border.
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