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G’day and welcome to our first official blog post.

When we turned the key on the Gauntlet all them years ago we never even knew how to use the internet. Eventually wireless technology caught up with us and we started our facebook page (Holiday Road). For years we’ve been trying to build a web site but as you can see we haven’t gone out of our way, we’re always too busy travelling.
Our computer savvy is middle of the road at best and even writing this blog is very alien to us.

So here we are sitting on the Sunshine Coast in the middle of torrential rain pondering whether we have to move our bus to higher ground after watching the creek level rising all day.

Who would have thought when we left that we’d be sitting here one day writing a blog. What is a blog?  Over the near future we’ll be exploring exactly what a blog is.

For now our travels have taken us around the Country a couple of times and we’ve still got so much more to see.  The Country is really big and as always time is often the enemy with us, it just goes so quick. We look forward to sharing the past and the present with you all into the future.

Drive safeals new pomona 270


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