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Tucked away in a little part of the bush at the foothills of the Eungella National Park north of Mackay and out from the small town of Calen is a hidden swimming hole,a place we wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for a local we met from “Cameron’s Pocket”showing us the way.

If you ever take a drive out that way make sure you checkout the swimming hole,be sure that when you take Calen Mount Charlton Road you take a right hand turn at the Wintermoon Camping ground which is right next door to a strawberry farm, continue along that road to the very end,it does meander through a few houses on acreage but eventually you come to the end where there’s a small amount of parking space.
On a nice hot day it would be a good place to spend it!
And if you are feeling a little more adventitious follow the creek further upstream where you’ll find a few more swimming holes.

The Wintermoon Music Festival is also held out there every year!
Camping is available at the Wintermoon Camping ground,where they have power or non powered sites or further along Calen Mount Charlton Road is Boulder Creek Campground which is free to camp at!





















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