Tin Horse Highway, W.A.

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A Highway with a difference and a must do! especially if you have kids


This highway is unlike most you’ve probably ever seen,the tin horse statues are placed along 15klms of  road right in the heart of the wheat belt country just out from the little town of Kulin in Western Australia.

“The Tin Horse Highway” which started at least two decades ago from an idea a few blokes had of wanting to promote “The Kulin Bush Races ,by making a tin horse statue and sticking it in a paddock,from there it’s just grown each year with a competition held for the best new horse statue,the competition  coinciding with the bush races.

So each year the 70 odd horse statues are added to by hopefuls vying for the best new tin horse ,each of them with their own little story. We were in the bus when we wandered the highway,stopping and starting along the whole 15k’s looking at every single tin horse statue,the kids really enjoyed it!  Some thought has really gone into all the quirky designs.

While we were stopped beside one of the statues, the local publican of Kulin pulled up and said G’day ,in conversation he filled us in about the history of the horse statues and some of the other sites to visit in the area,before he left he asked us for our postal address,a few weeks down the track we received in the mail  a surprise parcel……enclosed a book called “Much More than Metal” it takes an in-depth look in a  collection of short stories about the Tin Horse Highway and the history and community of the area. If you’d like your own copy you can pick one up at the Kulin Community Resource Center for $10.00.

So to wrap things up our experience of the “Tin Horse Highway” was a great one! We found the locals of Kulin friendly and welcoming and the town genuinely RV friendly,in town is a Free Rest Stop with water available,BBQ,toilets & showers -$2 and  a dump point as well ,plus a kids playground.There’s also a caravan park too for those of you that would prefer that! The “Tin Horse Highway” is roughly a three-hour drive east of Perth.

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holidayroad@y7mail.comTin Horse Highway, W.A.

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