“Mulkas Cave” Western Australia

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If you are ever thinking of visiting Wave Rock at Hyden,make sure you drive the extra 18k’s and check out Mulkas Cave.Its a unique cave with many hand prints and other artwork painted across the inside walls,the paintings dating back 3000 years ago ,according to a WA museum.
It’s a very significant site in the Nyoongar Dreaming.

The Legend behind Mulkas Cave goes a little like this……Many years ago Mulka was born to a woman who fell in love with a warrior from a forbidden tribe,Mulka was born with crossed eyes,they say it was her punishment for having a relationship that was forbidden.
Mulka grew to be a strong man but his crossed eyes prevented him from hunting properly,out of frustration he grimly turned to catching and eating little children.
He became an outcast and lived in the cave,today when you stand in Mulkas Cave you can see his many hand prints and artwork.


Standing at the entry of the cave which resembles the mouth of a whale


Just inside the entry of the cave


One of the hand prints throughout the cave


Once inside Mulkas Cave make sure you allow your eye’s to adjust to the dim light so you are able to see the many hand prints and other artwork painted around the walls.


Looking toward the back of the cave




From the car park near Mulkas Cave is a bush walk that takes you to a gnamma hole ,a gnamma hole is a rock waterhole which retains water for a long period of time well after the rain has been.
The walk is not a difficult one and no problem with younger kids, it’s takes you through some unique vegetation and then opens out to where you’ll see the gnamma hole,along the walk things are sign posted with information which gives you a great insight to local Aboriginal culture.Our older kids did venture further and climbed the huge granite outcrop,the views from up there they said were pretty awesome!





All around the gnamma hole grows allot of moss with many little red flowers

holidayroad@y7mail.com“Mulkas Cave” Western Australia

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