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About a 8klm drive North of Condoblin on the Melrose rd, you’ll find Mount Tilga.
Originally known for the geographical centre of New South Wales but there’s still a little debate about that one! with Geoscience Australia saying it’s else where.
Honestly though, trying to establish the centre of a state that’s oddly shaped, no matter the answer, is going to surface some debate.

Whether it is or not…………for us it was worth the short climb to the summit even with all the kids and dogs in tow!
A dry and dusty landscape, but just sitting up there soakingĀ  inĀ  the panoramic 360 degree views over the Lachlan Valley was something special.

als new parkes 922

You can drive up part of the way and this is what we did! Then parked the van, walked and climbed the rest of the way to the summit

als new parkes 781

“The View”

als new parkes 843

From the top of Mt Tilga,not sure what they were digging for!

als new parkes 741

als new parkes 761

als new parkes 811

Looking out to the West as the sun starts to set!

als new parkes 914


als new parkes 934

Busy afternoon digging!

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