“Notorious” an Epic adventure!

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Greeted by “April” before stepping on board

Have your kids or maybe yourself ever wanted to step on board a pirate ship?   if you ever hear that the Notorious is sailing into port where you live make sure you take a visit on board,don’t pass on the opportunity……we certainly thought it was well worth it!

We first spotted Notorious anchored off shore from Bowen , it grabbed our attention just sitting out there like a mysterious pirate ship!
It remained a mystery ship to us,even the locals of Bowen didn’t know much about it. It wasn’t until we posted a photo of it on Facebook that we found out the name

 Notorious was launched back in February of 2011 on its maiden voyage from Port Fairy in Victoria,this ship was a recreation of a 1480’s caravel that was researched,designed and constructed by Graeme Wylie,the project used 300 tons of reclaimed timber and it took ten years to build and after watching a DVD of the whole construction from scratch,we couldn’t believe Graeme even made his own machine to cut the reclaimed timber with, a very clever and inspiring man.

Before boarding Notorious we were greeted by Felicite and their little dog April.
Anything you may want to know about  Notorious or life on the open sea, Felicite is more than happy to tell you,we really enjoyed our time talking with her…..one lovely lady.

On board we just stood in awe! some thought has really gone into the building of this ship,even down to the carvings to ward off bad spirit!
The woodwork is just incredible and all the little nooks and crannies everywhere for storage ,after living on a motor home for so long it’s one of those things we all noticed.When entering below deck the kids faces lit up! once you get to the bottom step it opens out into one large room with a fireplace and a couple of bedrooms off each end.It was funny listening to a couple of others visiting and commenting on how confined and claustrophobic they felt below deck,the kids had a little giggle as they were thinking how large it was to them.
For those mechanically minded, Notorious is decked out with a Detroit 6V two-stroke motor to get it moving

The best part of our visit was seeing one mans dream alive and enjoying it………Inspirational!



Entry door to below deck


One of the carvings to ward off bad spirit





Down the stairs to the bottom deck


They even have a fire place to keep warm





No escaping!


Brock ,not too keen about standing near the chest after his sisters spun a bit of a story!


Let me out!





DSCF8767You can follow Graeme,Felicite and April on their  journey via their Facebook Page called ‘notorious’

holidayroad@y7mail.com“Notorious” an Epic adventure!

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