Killen Falls……a secluded little waterfall in Northern N.S.W Places of interest 2 Comments

Only about 20 minutes from Byron Bay is Killen Falls,
a nice little waterfall hidden away near Emigrant Creek Dam.

Make sure when you visit though,you go for the walk right down to the basin,
the main track will lead you to the top of the falls but on the way to the top, you’ll see another walking trail  beyond a fence,this will take you down to the river and from the river you walk back toward the falls.

It’s really a beautiful spot,especially when there’s been some rain, the basin is full, and the creek is running.
We walked into the partial cave and stood behind the falls,pretty awesome standing in the draft from the water thrashing over the rocks into the pool below,it literally blows you away ,and gives you a shower at the same time.
Keep an eye out for yabbies ,quite a large-sized one walked across out feet and scared the living daylights out of us,from down there though no one could hear our screams.

To get to this hidden little waterfall…….from the Pacific Hwy you turn off into Brooklet Road  at Newrybar ,follow Brooklet Road till you see  Friday Hutt Road, then turn into Killen Falls Drive ,which is actually a dead-end road.
At the end of Killen Falls Drive you’ll come to a car park,and from the car park  you can either take the walking trail to Emigrant Creek Dam or the short walk to the top of Killen Falls.

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The view from up the top of the falls


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The track you take to get to the bottom of the Falls


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Along the creek,which leads to the Falls

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At the bottom of the Falls

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Behind the Falls

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