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als new cowra 009This Theatre and Movie Poster Museum was like letting the kids and ourselves free in a lollie store ,so many posters and memorabilia to look at!
It was a real blast from the past going through all the posters looking at the older movies,and seeing the ones we had forgotten about.
Our kids are real movie buffs….. not just keen on seeing the late releases but also the older movies from our era and older,so to them going through the rows¬† of movie posters was so cool! Since visiting this museum they now have a list of older movies they’d like to see,plus a little collection of movie posters stashed away for themselves.

Every area we go to while we travel we like to find out if there is still an old drive-in or picture theatre still standing,so while staying at Parkes we did just that and found the Amusu Theatre in a little town called Manildra about a 30 min drive from Parkes, its only a tiny little town but one with lots of character.
The theatre is old and has a lot of history built back in 1936 , it has also been operating since by the same family,one of just a handful of early theatres still remaining and operating in NSW.
What originally started from one mans dream when he took to the road with a travelling picture show, just a truck and silent projector screening silent movies,later on though talkies came in and he adapted the arc-lamp projector sound,taking entertainment to people in remote outback areas.
This young man was called Allan Tom and for 72 years through depression,drought,flood and then the introduction of clubs,television and video he continued bringing entertainment to the people, showing his last film in 1995 just a week before his death at age 93.
He was a pioneer of the Australian Motion picture Industry even being awarded the “Order of Australia” Medal for his contribution to the industry.
Today the Amusu theatre that was built along side Allan’s brothers garage,is still going strong and operated by a dedicated committee¬† including Allan Tom’s daughter Lyn ,it’s still bringing entertaiment to the people with the latest release movies screening on weekends and included in the entry cost a free super after the movie.You can book the theatre for a special occasion too!
While at the theatre it’s like taking a step back in time, where it still boasts the original carbon projectors,original seating,flooring, curtains and the walls are decorated with original movie posters ,some dating back 70 years.
Connected to the theatre is the movie poster museum with memoribllia of everything that was used over the years including hundreds of original movie posters for sale,the museum is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00am to 3:00pm
We loved our visit here and look forward to returning again one day!

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  1. Ted Wrathmall

    Very interesting, Peter, great seeing some of yesteryears posters, Storm Boy, Crocodile Dundee, Grease and Walkabout (The Aborigine and the Girl….20,000 years apart)


    remember the time when your DAD ran an “amateur hour” which enable us kids to get in for free..I was too shy to go on stage and sung from the projection box ! I also use to get in free by carrying the cow bell around singing out “oosy oosy oosy roll up tonight”…… can you remember the song I “sang”…!!!

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