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This was just the Best Fun we have ever experienced so far while cave exploring, No one there the whole time and No tour guide,just us and a cave to explore!
If you have kids that don’t mind a little cave exploring this is the place! Not far from the car park is the walking track leading to the limestone Arch Cave.Make sure you come prepared with torches though,the cave is completely dark once you enter and if your kids are a little adventurous,you might find yourself being coaxed into crawling through tunnels into hidden caverns like we did.

Great place if you like looking for fossils too! down low on one of the walls of a nearby pool of water is where our kids spotted quite a few fossils.

Borenore Caves Reserve is only about 17km from Orange in n.s.w on the Orange-Forbes road.
There’s a picnic ground with wood fire barbeques and bush toilets and a walking track that will take you quite a few kilometers over the reserve,we missed out on the walk,had too much fun in the cave… time for us!
As we were leaving we bumped into the caretaker who locks the gate of a night! like usual we got talking, he mentioned to us about the many other caves within the area ,close to 40 or so throughout the reserve.Some are out-of-bounds because of the delicate stalactites and stalagmites and others are hidden within the bushes.

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Not a long walk to Arch Cave

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als new parkes 1144

Taking in the view

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als new parkes 1206

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als new parkes 1244

als new parkes 1325

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als new parkes 1287

Crawling through ,into another section of the cave

als new parkes 1295

We stood quietly in a cavern and turned the lights out! the silence was deafening

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als new parkes 1386

als new parkes 1353

als new parkes 1352

als new parkes 1357

als new parkes 1373

Looking for Fossils

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  1. Ted Wrathmall

    Hi, Pete, your blogs are getting better, this one is great. Fantastic photos of the caves and the family in them.
    The photos with the children shows the immense size of some caves.
    Interesting facts and good information, I enjoyed the photos and then story, thank you!

    1. Post

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