Abandoned Alantis Marine Park, W.A.

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North of Perth in a little place called Two Rocks,perched up on a hill overlooking the ocean, sits King Neptune……..guardian of Atlantis,but now former guardian of the once very popular Marine/Water Park……..called “Atlantis Marine Park”

King Neptune isn’t  quite the same as what he was in his former glory back in the 80’s , he’s now sporting painted finger nails and some graffiti along with a few bits and pieces chipped away, but he’s still an almighty figure sticking out of the seaside landscape.

And as for Atlantis Marine Park where Neptune sits, it’s now just an overgrown water world ……. despite that it was once a popular tourist attraction that had performing dolphins ,sea-lions,penguins,turtles and sharks, along with many swimming pools and water activities.

This Park was once part of Allan Bonds ambitious Yanchep Sun City idea.
In the 70’s Bond had bought 20,000 acres of a failing sheep station in Yanchep ,with the future vision of creating a massive resort and residential area.
Atlantis was a jewel in the crown,attracting thousands of people a week,Bond had plans to expand Atlantis even further,but he never got pass stage one.

Financial troubles eventually forced the end of Atlantis,with it closing in the 90’s only 9 years after its opening.

Walking through the gap in the fence that day we visited Atlantis,was nearly as exciting as if we were taking a step back in time and visiting the park in its heyday!
Wondering where the winding overgrown footpaths would take us………and trying to work out along the way what everything may have been.
Neither of us had never visited Atlantis,we had no clue what it once looked like, until researching it later on.
This was our visit wandering through what remains and imagining what was!

King Neptune, the guardian of Atlantis

King Neptune, the guardian of Atlantis

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Statue Park

waynes perth 507

The Atlantis Muriel painted on the side of a remaining tank

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This set of stairs leading up to “Celebrity Hill” once overgrown with weeds has been cleared by a few devoted people.

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A Walrus Statue,that’s made it through the years fairly unscathed.

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A speaker box is all that’s left where a statue once stood

waynes perth 472

Minus his head,this is what is left of Charlie Chaplin

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The staircase leading to Celebrity Hill,in the distance one flag pole remaining.

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Hidden in the bushes a Sea-lion statue

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Some people have mentioned this tunnel use to be where you viewed sharks but another story is that the tunnel was used to access the higher area on the other side, in the kids section……..that would explain why adults need to duck while walking through.Apparently there use to be a waterfall flowing over the entrance,wetting you as you walked on through.

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To the left is where you’d see visitors using paddle boats

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Coke Muriel painted on the side of a tank

First Aid Post, it use too be painted Green & Yellow

First Aid Post, it use too be painted Green & Yellow

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There were quite a few statues created by Mark Le Buse

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waynes perth 489

Another bridge by one of the pools

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No! not Ronald Reagan ,its “Daisy Bates’ ,nurse and outback worker

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Some Statues were used in the “Celebrity Clock”

waynes perth 554

The statue of James Stirling

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This Statue of Dolphins was part of the front entrance to “Atlantis Marine Park”

The view from King Neptune

The view from King Neptune

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holidayroad@y7mail.comAbandoned Alantis Marine Park, W.A.

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