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Not just a retaining wall for the Barrosa Reservoir ,but a unique wall with acoustic effects !
This nine story high wall is no ordinary wall,it was actually a revolutionary engineering feat for back in its day (early nineteen hundreds),attracting attention from all over the world, even making its way into the pages of the Scientific American journal.
It was also once theĀ  highest dam walls in Australia.

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But what draws visitors to visit is its uniqueness. ..words whispered at one end can be heard more than 100 metres away.
And it does work!

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Patiently waiting to hear whats whispered

We were in doubt at first,but after splitting into two groups with a group standing at each end………we proved it to work!
Whisper something at one end and sure enough the other group could hear loud and clearly from over 100 metres away,the kids had a ball, whispering actions for the other group to act out!

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Why does this concrete wall have this effect?
They say it’s because the wall is one sector of a perfect circle and the sound waves bounce along it in a series of straight jumps to the other end.

The Whispering Wall is just out from the town of Williamstown on the edge of the Barrosa Valley,about an hour North East of Adelaide.

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At one stage there were roughly a couple hundred people living near the dam wall,now days all that’s left is a caretakers cottage.

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