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Have you ever heard someone mention the Min Min light?
An eerie unexplained light that appears from nowhere…………

Min Min is an Aboriginal word (for what no one is absolutely sure)
But this light was not named by Aboriginals,according to legend it was named after the Min Min Hotel.
However there is some doubt as to whether the light was named after the Hotel,or the Hotel after the light.

It was at this very Hotel site ,and  by a lonely grave….. that the first Boulia sighting of the Min Min light was seen.
The Hotel which has been long gone,once stood on the boundary of two very big stations “Warenda” and “Lucknow” it was one of several Hotels  along this lonely stretch of the road between Winton and Boulia “The Old Coach Road” and the Min Min Hotel served as a way-station for Cobb & Co coaches.
Such places had bad reputations, but the Min Min Hotel  had the worst of any in the region.
All that’s left now though is a pile of broken bottles, a few bits of twisted metal and remnants of an old cemetery.

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A lonely old grave in the cemetery

They say it served rot-gut liquor at exorbitant prices,it doubled as a brothel,and was the haunt of thieves,cattle rustlers and other assorted villains.
Legend say’s that many travelers and naive jackaroo’s disappeared there and that the small cemetery out the back was conveniently provided to bury the evidence.
So infamous did the Min Min become ,that someone put a match to it one dark night in 1917 and burned it to the ground ,this is when the light appeared…….or so the legend goes.
Though reliable records, if they existed would probably disprove some of the above!

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There have been so many reported sightings of the Min Min light over the years,most of them have been from intelligent,sober and honest people whose credibility is unquestionable.
Most of the sightings are described as it being a round or oval ball of light glowing so it illuminates its surroundings, traveling a couple metres above the ground either in a straight or a undulating line.Sometimes it appears to hover or just bobs about,but it usually dives towards the earth as it disappears.

One of the first sightings of the Min Min light belongs to a stock man who burst into the Boulia Police Station one night back in the later part of 1917,gabbling about being chased by a ghost.
After he was calmed down,the stock man told how he had been riding past the ruins of the Min Min Hotel,when a ball of light suddenly rose from the middle of the cemetery hovered as if getting its bearings,and  then darted towards him,that’s when he panicked and dug his boots in and galloped towards Boulia.

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The site of the Min Min Hotel

Our experience that night as we camped by the old Min Min Hotel site produced no sighting of the Min Min light ,but it sure did make for a fun night with a few screams and lots of laughter.

After spending an interesting night and day at the Middleton Hotel, back down the road quite a few k’s,we found ours selves looking for the Min Min  Hotel site in the darkness.


The drive from Middleton Hotel heading toward Boulia

Stoked that we actually found the area in the darkness,we pulled up to camp by the gravel road and near a sign that stated we were now in the “Boulia Shire…..The Mystery of the Min Min”

The wind was howling that night and out on those open plains,it’s lazy and goes right through you and has you thinking you can hear things that aren’t really there!
Eager to find the site of the Hotel even though it was pitch black ,we stepped out with our torches and started searching.
It felt like we had been looking for ages,and the lights from our bus were slowly getting more distant as we kept walking.
Echoing through the night, we could hear our two dogs barking back at the bus,Pete decided to walk back to the bus to check on them and we stayed.
It was while he was gone that the torch light showed the glistening of glass and a huge pile of it……..jackpot! we had finally found the Hotel site,it was also at that very moment the torch light also shone on pieces of twisted metal.
The screams once it actually registered…….. that we were standing right beside a grave, the very grave we had read about and where one of the first Min Min light sightings had come from,we moved from the area quickly and huddled together until Pete returned.
Once he returned we looked around a little longer,just piles and piles of broken bottles and a lonely old grave.
The wind got to us in the end and we started walking back to the bus,at the time we hadn’t realised Beaudine had become side tracked and was left back at the grave,when she worked out we were gone she came running down the track with her torch light bobbing up and down,some of the kids turned around and noticed a light moving up and down coming for us,they thought the Min Min light had finally appeared.
With the kids screaming while making a dash for the bus,it took us all a while to comprehend that it was just Beaudine and no Min Min light.
The funny part was she thought we were all running from something that was behind her!

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Our camp spot for the night

Our camp spot for the night

If you are keen to visit ,you’ll find the Hotel site approximately 100k’s East of Boulia and just off the main road ( The Kennedy Development Road) between Boulia and Winton. There are no signs.


The road between Winton and Boulia

Keep your eyes peeled for Goannas out on the main road,this fella was in the middle of the road until we persuaded him to move off!

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  1. Ted Wrathmall

    A wonderful story of your night, great photos too. I can imagine the feelings of the kids when they spied Min Min Beaudine, cause I felt it as you were telling the story. Keep the stories coming! B|

    1. Cheyne Mclean

      I worked in the area back in 1999, and camped out one night right. at the old hotel site, ,Just myself and the dog at the end of the swag. We waited to see a min min light but by morning time nothing had shown up. We spent a bit of time in the area but never saw any lights or any kids with torches.

      1. Post

        I’m glad you had your dog as company,pretty barren out there,lucky to see anyone! Maybe when you are looking for the light…..that’s when you don’t see it?

    2. Post
  2. Donna Fawcett

    Hey family, instant grandma and grandad here. Just reading about your Min Min trip. It is so good, it made me LOL at Beau running with the touch light. I can see the whole picture. So funny. Talk soon.

    1. Post

      Thanks for leaving a message…. our instant Grandma and Grandad,lovely to speak with you the other day xxxooo

  3. Donna Fawcett

    Hey family, instant grandma and grandad here. Just reading about your Min Min trip. It is so good, it made me LOL.

  4. Lisa Wood

    Oh you made my day….I am smiling from ear to ear with reading how you all were running from the light coming towards you all, and it was Beaudine running to catch up with, and she was thinking that something was behind her.
    You guys are so very brave to be out exploring the outback Queensland at the Min Min Hotel Site, especially while Pete went back to the Bus/Dogs 🙂
    Love your blog posting, needed this today xxx

    1. Post
  5. Cam

    G”day family, love reading your posts about your travels, do you have any details about that old grave?

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