Dajarra , Outback Queensland

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Cheap camping with power and water right in town for a donation of $5:00 a night.

A small museum that’s open 24 hours a day and a Hotel across from the museum that has the best two publicans we’ve met!

About 150k’s South of Mt Isa lies Dajarra,right in the heart of the cattle country!
This place is rich in Aboriginal heritage and is home to a few different tribes,the culture is upheld here ,and Aboriginal lanuage is taught at the school by a couple of elders.

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There’s not allot in Dajarra in the way of shops,mainly just a roadhouse/shop and the Hotel….the general store was closed when we passed through.

But this little town once played a big role in the cattle industry,and apparently had the largest cattle depot in the world,trucking more cattle than Texas in the U.S.A
Dajarra owes it’s existence though to the construction of a rail-head by the Great Western Railway ,originally built to carry copper but the cattle industry jumped on board instead,after the copper had long since dried up!
So instead of shipping copper,cattle were shipped in huge numbers from the Northern Territory and Western Australia to the East and down South.
The train service ceased in 1988

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The Dajarra Hotel owned by two awesome people , Shelly and Rhino

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 We only stayed a night and day at Dajarra but our experience was a great one!
Not only did we meet and enjoy the company of Shelly and Rhino (owners of Dajarra Hotel) but we found the little Museum directly across from the Hotel interesting and it’s open all day everyday.

The bloke who originally collected all the items and set the place up to display them all ,had recently passed when we were there.

But thankfully the doors to his collection of all sorts of paraphernalia stay open for visitors to enjoy!

This small town also has some meaning to us,as we named one of our daughters after this place.

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While hanging out at the Hotel,a local pulled up with a couple of wild baby pigs. Yeah, we know they’re pests but the kids couldn’t resist holding them.

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Dajarra sitting where the site of the Railway once was.

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Our camp spot for the night,plenty of room for Big Rigs

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The toilet block and it does have a shower

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holidayroad@y7mail.comDajarra , Outback Queensland

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  1. Ted Wrathmall

    Great seeing what it looks like now, spent a week there with sister-in-law and brother-in-law, he was the school teacher. Pupils consisted of about 90% Aboriginal, 10% whites. We went out one afternoon and shot ½ dozen roos and bought them back for the native community, a great feast was had! Tyrrheanna looks like she is on the handle of an old corrugating machine. Great story, great photos!

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