Wycliffe Well….UFO Capital of Australia, Northern Territory

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Wycliffe Well is about 380klm North of Alice Springs,and known as the UFO Capital of Australia.
It’s a unique little place to stop for a break on your trip either North or South along the Stuart Hwy.
This place has had hundreds of reported UFO sightings since WWII.Originally it started out as a watering point along the old stock route for the Overland Telegraph Line back in the 1860’s,but later on in the years and during WWII it became a market garden centre to service troops.
When the war had ended,two soldiers decided to stay on and ended up selling vegetables and garden products to Alice Springs.
As the years went on a petrol pump was installed to supply fuel to travelers,Wycliffe Well then became a tourist stop over for travelers heading along the Stuart Hwy.

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Now-days there’s a caravan park (no dogs allowed though) motel rooms and a Roadhouse with a restaurant with lots of UFO paraphernalia plastered over the walls inside.Keep your eyes peeled ……everywhere you look there is something to do with UFO’s and Aliens,look down too! In the restaurant area you’ll spot an Alien underneath a grill in the floor ,it gave one of our younger kids a heart starter when they spotted it!
And remember to go out the back where you’ll find a room with an alien entombed in a glass dome,it really does look the part and fooled our younger kids, thinking they had finally seen a real life Alien.
There’s also plenty of the good old souvenirs to buy.

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Wycliffe Well is considered to be one of the top  five UFO hot spots in the world! according to the owners you are more likely to witness a UFO rather than unlikely to see anything,every couple of days apparently someone see’s something.
The area being one of the flattest in the region helps ,allowing 360 degree views of the night skies giving a great vantage point to witness any UFO’s.

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We stayed one night at Wycliffe but not in the caravan park,instead we parked up the road and by the lonely grave of a bloke called Richard who perished back in 1899 at the young age of 34…….cause of death unknown.

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It was dark by the time we had arrived at Wycliffe Well,we had  been held up at Barrow Creek talking to the caretakers, time  had once again got away on us.Being late and dark still didn’t deter the kids! they were keen to have a quick look at all of the Alien/UFO statues out the front of the Roadhouse…..so we did!
Possibly a wrong move  though, because in their excitement they ran up to a set of legs sticking out from behind an Alien sign and started to touch and grab hold of the legs! we screamed out in horror ……..STOP! after realising the set of legs belonged to a real  person who was  flaked out on the ground behind the Alien sign sound asleep…..definitely nothing to do with the rest of the Alien statues!
We exited  quickly and were happy to call it quits for the night and leave the looking around till the morning.

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Skeptic or believer,Wycliffe is worth a quick look,even if it’s just to stretch the legs before you head off down the Hwy

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holidayroad@y7mail.comWycliffe Well….UFO Capital of Australia, Northern Territory

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  1. Ted Wrathmall

    Hahaha, great story with a touch of comedy, the episode with the legs is a classic, good on you, kids 🙂 . What is Elvis doing there? Love the photos!

  2. Glark

    To me it sounds like some great out of the box thinking by the chamber of commerce, for a town Tha had nothing, but now has something. Well done.

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