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About 130km North of Alice Springs, lives our family’s favourite  big red Kangaroo,we have no clue of the story behind him and don’t even know his name,but we call him “Steven” and every time we are heading past Aileron Roadhouse we drop in and say G’day!
I’m sure there’s a human stuck in this Kangaroos body,he’s such a character,we are surprised the kids haven’t tried to smuggle him on board and he sure would be willing to come.

You’ll also notice in our pictures there’s a couple of a Wedge-tailed Eagle,we can’t remember his name but we were told he took up residence at Aileron years ago after his owner passed away.He usually sits out the front of the restaurant but we didn’t see him there on the last visit.
Many years ago his original owner hit him in his car ,a large sum of money was spent on him at the vets but he could never return to the wild as he can no longer fly and has numerous pins in his wings.

Aileron Roadhouse offers the normal things you get from a roadhouse… meals,fuel and supplies, plus it also has a camping ground,caravan sites and motel rooms,can’t tell you what its like to stay over night though ,we’ve never stayed on the grounds.
We usually use Aileron Roadhouse as a break to stop and stretch the legs on the trek North or South along the Stuart Hwy.
This is Anmatjere Country and also home to the impressive giant statue of “The Anmatjere Man” who stands 17 metres tall over looking Aileron and the surrounding region.He is now joined by  “Anmatjere Woman and Child ”  built by a local Alice Springs sculptor …. Mark Egan.
The local Anmatjere people have named the sculpture “Charlie” after Charlie Quartpot Nqwarray a man who once lived in the area ,who was an important man,a leader and rain maker.

There’s a couple of walks you can take if you’re keen too! You can pick up a walking track brochure from the Roadhouse
The best walk though we’d have to say is Marks Walk,which takes you straight up the hill to the “Anmatjere Man” Good views from up there!
An outback Gallery also sells local Anmatjere Community artwork.




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