“Lake Ballard” Western Australia

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We have great memories of Lake Ballard ,this is where we sat and spoke with an Astronomer while he was photographing the “Seven Sisters”
It was also a  breath of fresh air to be there ,after being cooped up in Kalgoorlie Hospital with the surprise early arrival of our seventh daughter.
As soon as we had the all clear and discharged from hospital ,we were back on the road and headed up to Menzies ,a small historic mining town about 130klm  North of Kalgoorlie.
From Menzies it’s another  55km West on a dirt road that takes you right out to the Lake.
There’s a basic campground with views of the salt lake but no suitable drinking water is available,so make sure you bring along enough water for everyone in your family.You’ll also need firewood if you are keen to have a campfire.
No fires are permitted though from November to March,and you must use the cement rings provided for an open fire.
Bonus!!!  they also have self composting toilets.
The dirt road out to the lake from Menzies isn’t too rough ,though I  think we are still cleaning out the red dirt a couple of years later,it has a way of getting in everywhere.

For those of you that have no idea where Lake Ballard is on the map,you’ll  find this salt lake about 700km North East of Perth Western Australia

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                                                                    In the distance our camp spot during our stay at Lake Ballard

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One thing that’s noticeable when arriving at Lake Ballard ,are the 51 sculptures standing like silhouettes in the distance and scattered throughout the Western section of this salt lake.
These 51 metal figures are the work of Antony Gormley part of Perth’s International Arts Festival.They are part of Australia’s largest outdoor gallery ,a place for visitors to actually get inside Australia at Lake Ballard and experience the actual environment in which the statues are placed.
Just think about it….this amazing place is in the middle of what’s called the Yilgarn Craton,one of the oldest bits of surface of the earth,between 2.9 and 3.5 billion years old.


These 51 metal figures may just be metal but behind these sculptures are real people,we know this because we were lucky enough to meet and talk with a handful of them.These 51 individuals,mostly all locals from Menzies but some out of towners ,stripped off to nothing and then were scanned in a Tardis like booth, then  immortalised on the surface of lake Ballard.

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We spent a couple of days at Lake Ballard,found the best time to explore the lake is in the late afternoon or early morning,especially if you happen to be their in the warmer months,the sun can be pretty harsh.Expect a bit of a walk if you want to see all 51 statues,they’re spread out everywhere and with some of the  mirages shining in the distance it can be hard to work out if there’s a sculputure or not
And heads up,don’t go wearing your best shoes,the surface was muddy in allot of areas while we were there,by the end of it our shoes were unrecognisable.
Make sure you climb to the top of the hill that sits like an island on the lake,the views from up there are worth it!

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