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Pictorial Postmarks,have you heard about them?
Yeah we know about Postmarks but never really knew or took any notice of  Pictorial Postmarks until a few years back while we were in Cooktown far North Queensland.
While collecting the dreaded mail from the Cooktown Post Office,waiting in line the kids noticed the post mark stamp the bloke behind the counter was using.
For those of you that don’t know it’s really just a fancy post mark,usually depicting something the town is known for and geographically it puts a place on the map!
As an example Cooktown has Captain Cook in their post mark,where as down in South Australia along the River Murray  the little town of Mannum has an old paddle steamer postmark.
Postmarks are used to record the date and place items entered the mailing system,they consist of a date,a location and a post code as well!
While talking to the bloke behind the counter at the Cook town Post Office that day,we learnt that some of these Pictorial Postmarks are quite popular,he mentioned he gets via mail quite a few international people requesting Postmarks from Cooktown.
That’s when he suggested to the kids they should start a project or more like a diary of Postmarks,pictorial or not,tracking our travels as we go!
So off to the shop we went to buy some blank books ,Cooktown Post Office was the kids very first Pictorial Postmark.
Their journey is now dated with each town we stop at!

  Shown below are a few examples.

holidayroad@y7mail.comPictorial Postmarks

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