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That’s right!, we stayed at Yulara caravan park for 70 bucks a week.

When you pull into Yulara you get the sense straight away that it ain’t gunna be cheap. As far as we’re concerned it’s one of the worst tourist traps in Australia outside of the Gold Coast and here we were again, tourists in a trap.
On our first visit over ten years ago it was affordable so we gave it another shot and pulled up at their door to find out if it was still the case, sadly not.
We we’re quoted some ridiculous figure and so we decided to give it a big miss. But hang on they said, we’re too full any way and there’s no powered sites left. No skin as we were never going to give them the shirts of our back any way.  It was then we started thinking about going back to Curtain Springs as we wanted a base with power, water etc.

We we’re told that we could pull up in the overflow as they were full, please tell us more about this overflow we said and how much is it. Ten bucks a night was the answer.
There is no power, no water hook up (there is 1 tap) but are free to use all the amenity’s and pool etc. No extra charge per child per night.

So we spent $70 to stay a whole week. We did run our geny so there were costs with fuel but still no where near the original figure we were quoted, most likely cost us around $170 a week with the fuel. Far cry from our original quote of around $700 a week.

After a few days however the park had emptied and we were asked to move to a site inside but we told them that it would take a day to pack up and another day to set up again, so we’d like 2 free days. They just told us to stay where we were. So we ended up having the whole overflow area to ourselves for the rest of our stay.
Was about time we had a win.

So go when it’s busy and you may get lucky too.




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