Pictorial Postmarks

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Pictorial Postmarks,have you heard about them? Yeah we know about Postmarks but never really knew or took any notice of¬† Pictorial Postmarks until a few years back while we were in Cooktown far North Queensland. While collecting the dreaded mail from the Cooktown Post Office,waiting in line the kids noticed the post mark stamp the bloke behind the counter was …

holidayroad@y7mail.comPictorial Postmarks

Exploring the Old Geelong Gaol

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Murders,hangings,daring escapes and ghostly stories…… Why not come and visit the Old Geelong Gaol, it’s a Hell-hole” as referred to by the late Chopper Reid or was it like”a Seaside Resort” as mentioned by the Geelong Advertiser back in 1902. Which ever way you look at it,this joint is steeped with history and worth a wander through. Rug up though …

holidayroad@y7mail.comExploring the Old Geelong Gaol

Aboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra

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We were lost and somewhat frustrated….. The main reason for us visiting Canberra was to attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service,then maybe stay on briefly to experience some of the Capital City. We had been in Canberra just a night and a day,but in that time had no luck in finding a paid place to plug-in,the accommodation we had lined …

holidayroad@y7mail.comAboriginal Tent Embassy Canberra

Exploring Alice Springs

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1. ALICE SPRINGS REPTILE CENTRE¬† This place is Awesome! experience reptiles up close and personal with extensive displays,huge perentie goannas,frill neck lizards,thorny devils,venomous snakes,large pythons and Terry the saltwater crocodile. 2. NATIONAL PIONEER WOMEN’S HALL OF FAME–Very interesting and informative museum on the history of women who were first in their field,as-well as the pioneering women of central Australia.The museum …

holidayroad@y7mail.comExploring Alice Springs